How to shop in our e-shop

1. Choose the product

Please select coin or coin set that you like and read additional information about the quality, status of the product and in case of advance sale the date of issue of the product.

WARNING! If You find coin in section PRESALE, we have NOT this coin in our stock. Your order will be shipped after all coins will be stocked. 


2. Shopping cart

If you think the product offered meets your expectations, then click "Add to cart" button. You can add any number of products with any quantity. We recommend you to order all the coins you need once to save shipping costs. After completing the purchase please press "Order".

3. Ordering

Ordering process has 5 steps:

- last check of products in shopping cart

login or registration (if you do not register, you can enter the address and data necessary to deliver goods. Personal data can be subsequently changed or deleted from the system). If you liked our shop, we suggest to register Your address to have faster and more confortable ordering next time.

- delivery address (we are not accepting post boxes)

- shipping - please choose way of delivery

payment - we offer 3 ways to pay the order. Cash on delivery (COD), Direct payment via Your Internet banking to our account following instructions in eshop and PayPal (PayPal fee is charged to customer)

4. Information

After submitting the order you are informed about status changes by e-mail. All the requests are aligned continuously. Coins are sent max. 3 day from the payment confirmation.


The proper functionality of e-shop was tested several times. However, if you found inconsistencies, errors, please help us to report them to the email address Thank you.